If you want to be more than someone who gets a friendly nod at church you will love New Beginnings! That’s because we are a small congregation. At 60 members strong, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know everyone in the church family on a first-name basis. And since most of the members are involved in more than one ministry, it’s impossible to simply blend in.

You can get as involved as you would like. Too busy to join a group now? They will be ready when you have the time. Meanwhile, you can get to know these caring people by joining them in worship.

Here’s a checklist to help you decide if you will fit in. Do you:

__ Believe in God

__ Understand that everyone’s path is different. There are no perfect people – even at church!

__ Believe that God’s hope for you is to live abundantly instead of suffering over past wrongs.

__ Seek a relevant, biblical message with practical, real-world advice for living in today’s world.

__ Laugh often and enjoy the camaraderie of a small church family.

__ Prefer to rock out instead of singing quietly.

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Love God. Grow Together. Serve Others.