Make a Difference

Are you ready to help others? According to Romans 12, Jesus gives believers at least one of the following seven motivational gifts:

  • Service to others
  • Teaching others
  • Encouragement to others
  • Contribution (deeper depth and breadth of volunteerism and financial support to the church)
  • Enthusiastic Leadership
  • Cheerful Acts of Mercy
  • Prophesy (sharing God's Word)

We are moving parts of one Church body. While each of us has at least one of these gifts, it is possible to have multiple gifts -- or certain gifts to a greater or lesser degree. God is simply looking for our willing hearts.  Our church family is standing by to help you develop your special gifts. There are a variety of ways you can join us to make others' lives the best they can be. Join us to feed the homeless and distribute Easter meals to families in need. Or provide school supplies and Christmas gifts to children who may be living without basic comforts. Your service will be appreciated. Get started today by calling the church office at (319) 294-5393 or stop at Connection Central in our church foyer after Sunday's service. You can make a difference. Click here to discover how your financial support can make a positive impact for the church and our community. Still not sure about your special gift? Ask yourself: What am I good at or passionate about? What do others tell me that I do well? Hearts will change when you choose to do this! Love God. Grow Together. Serve Others.