Meet the Elders

Left to right: Lead Pastor Randy Goodson, Tracy Alshouse and Matthew Wiley



















Servant Leaders. Bible Teachers. Genuine Friends. 

Talk about commitment. When you meet one of the New Beginnings Elders, you are instantly reminded that the power of God’s love can be discovered in people we meet on earth.  Each member of the elder team has his or her own style, but the message is a single one:  boldly sharing the Word of God!

In addition to their New Beginnings Church oversight, the Elders lead busy lives with their families and full-time jobs. They come to us from all walks of life, including engineering, information technology, health care and construction.  They are committed to minister to everyone they meet who seeks a relationship with God.

They teach in small groups and volunteer in our community.  The Elders teach from the New English Standard Bible.  From Praise Team duties to volunteering at community events, these dynamic leaders can be found bringing God’s Word to the metro area and beyond.


Lead Pastor Dr. Randy Goodson:

Elder Tracy Alshouse:

Elder Matthew Wiley: