6/7/20 – Am I Ready? (Part 1)

We live in a society where there are a lot of things that define who we are. How much stuff we have, what type of job we do, the type of car we drive, how much money we make, how our kids act, and the list goes on. For the most part, our relationship with Christ isn’t one of the things that defines us to others. Sure, there are those who are super Christians and everyone around them knows it. However, most of us aren’t ready to give up the things of this world in order to focus completely on our relationship with Christ. Join us this morning as we journey through Acts 24 and begin to answer the question, “Am I Ready?” Am I ready to give up the things of this world to focus on my journey with Christ? Or, am I like Ananias (the Chief Priest) and Felix (the Governor), and have a greater desire for the here and the now?