New Beginnings Church has a great vision to grow and heal Christians through worship and missions. I have been a member here since the church was first planted many years ago. Over the years, I have seen the church stay true to its core ministries. The people here are genuinely caring. They are directed by God and they love each other and the Lord. The Sunday sermons are from the Bible and reflect true Christian belief.


There is a sense of closeness and family that comes from being a smaller group. People connect when they come together to serve Christ and one another. New Beginnings Church has a warmth that you do not always find in other churches. If one person has an issue, others come together to help as much as they can.


I like the smaller size. It feels like a community here. New Beginnings Church makes everyone feel welcome, not judged. We all feel like part of one big family.


God brings our congregation together to experience the true love and truth found in the Bible. The word of God is shared without added opinions. The atmosphere is fun, loving, happy and Christ-like.


We are a strong and tight-knit family at New Beginnings Church. This is the first church I've attended that teaches me spiritually. The sermons are based on the Bible's truths and shared without any sugar coating. You leave worship knowing you have heard the truth every time. I really love this church!


It just feels right to be at New Beginnings Church. I feel like I am at home when I am here. New Beginnings has an inviting and interactive atmosphere.


We are a truly "come as you are" church. We are a diverse group of Christians who welcome everyone. I love that New Beginnings focuses on building a relationship with God and being a disciple of Jesus. The sermons are engaging and the content is applicable in your life. The worship is fun and spiritual and there are plenty of ways to plug in and hang with other Christians. And it's personal to attend NBC. People genuinely care about you and your family. When my father-in-law passed, we got meals for three days! We have a prayer team that is second to none! People at NBC are genuine who truly want to love God, grow together and serve.


I was baptized as a baby, but church attendance was always sporadic in my family. I like New Beginnings Church. The people here meet you where you are at and help you find your own way -- all at your own pace. I leave service on Sundays feeling lifted up. And importantly, New Beginnings Church is very kid-friendly. Our three and five year old kids are excited about going to church. Every morning they ask me if it is church day!


This is a good church. Everyone is friendly and works together to help other people. Church members help feed the hungry and they are always ready and willing help each other. I know almost everyone here and they know me. Almost everyone in my family goes to New Beginnings Church.


There is never a shortage of people willing to help out with our three children. The saying "it takes a village" is fulfilled here. This church is my second family. I enjoy some of the deepest friendships with fellow church members. We encourage everyone to take their personal relationship with God deeper through prayer, song, spoken meditations, scripture, videos and testimonies. This isn't just about going through the motions, it's about connecting with our heavenly Father, receiving His love and grace, and pouring our hearts back out to Him in praise and worship.


I was raised in a church that emphasized strict adherence to man-made rules. For example, church leaders calmly explained we could go to hell if we skipped Sunday services. The gospel messages were the same ones – over and over – and we were taught to sit quietly during the service. I was not growing in my own personal relationship with Jesus. When relative invited me to a service at New Beginnings Church, I witnessed congregation members eagerly responding to the Word and openly connecting with God in many aspects of their lives. Today, more than ever, I am compelled express my love and demonstrate the unbreakable connection between God and nature in my writing.

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It is a great joy to see how families connect with New Beginnings Church. I value that our pastor is bi-vocational. He is committed to his day job and serves as a seemingly tireless church leader. I appreciate the need that presents for church members to be actively involved in what happens at church. I am personally involved with CLIMB for Haiti, which exists to empower Haitians to a Christ centered, sustainable way of life. This has been an eye-opening experience. Street kids in Haiti have none of the advantages we enjoy in America. Instead of complaining, they accept God’s love and seem eager to learn skills to become self-sustaining. These kids become a conduit to help us reach their parents and grandparents with the message of love and building a brighter future together.

Discover more about the difference being made by bringing God to Haiti’s street children at https://climbforhaiti.org.


My husband and I were invited to attend New Beginnings Church by a former pastor. The timing was perfect because we had been looking for a church to meet our spiritual needs. We fell in love with New Beginnings Church. It’s real. And the people are great. Along the way, we discovered our own personal relationship with Jesus. We stay here for a variety of reasons.  We really love everything about this church.


You may not believe this, but we found New Beginnings Church with a Google search! We were interested in finding a church that embraces outward focused, missional service. We decided to stay here after experiencing a warm welcome and the true comfort of a church that allows us to serve in a variety of ways. With my background as a nurse, I volunteer with the church’s healing ministry. My spouse and I live in response to God's call on our hearts in Haiti. In the midst of Haiti’s indescribable poverty, we connect with gospel - focused Haitian leaders to empower them to do the work God has placed on their hearts.. We are humbled by the call & continually inspired by the leadership God reveals in Haiti.

Discover more about the difference being made through CLIMB'S work at https://climbforhaiti.org.


New Beginnings Church has its own special energy. The service is uplifting! The people here are the best. New Beginnings Church is small enough to know everyone in the congregation. We are encouraged to use our God-given talents to praise God and help others. I formerly attended a good, yet ritual filled denominational church. Personally, I knew that I was missing something, but could not articulate it. Today I know that missing piece was a personal relationship with Jesus. What do I love best about this church? The focus on Jesus. Now, that’s what I really treasure.