What We Believe

Do you know what to believe? Some religions require strict adherence to their rules, others adjust the rules to embrace new trends that emerge in our society. At New Beginnings Church we are non-denominational for a reason: we can spend more time on discovering God’s plan for each one of us through Bible-based teaching and learn practical, no-nonsense guidelines to live our best life.

You see, God asks us to follow one special rule: Believe that Jesus’ death on the cross erased our debt of sins and gives us eternal life.

Is this too good to be true?

The Bible tells us that everyone who believes Jesus died for our sins is a member of the Good Shepherd’s flock. Members should expect everlasting life. Does that mean we escape human suffering? No, but the Bible explains how God is always with us – even through times of great personal challenge – and He has a plan for us to achieve our best.

Most people who attend church believe in God. At New Beginnings Church we are here to help you take the next steps after accepting Jesus as your savior and become a Christian in all aspects of your life.

Love God. Grow Together. Serve Others.