What We Believe

Do you know what to believe?

Some religions require adherence to a strict set of rules, others adjust their rules to embrace societal trends. Some congregations ask you to check off steps during your life in order to reach heaven.

At New Beginnings Church we are non-denominational for a reason: we want to discover God’s plan for each one of us through Bible-based teaching and learn practical, no-nonsense guidelines for how to live our best lives. When we are in doubt about what to do in any situation, we look to our Bibles for guidance. That’s because the good book was written over a span of 1,500 years in multiple languages by 40 authors with perfect consistency. While we dress differently and access advanced technology, the people in Biblical times share the same personal challenges as we do today. The difference? We have the archeologically and historically verified Word of God at our fingertips. 

According to the Bible, God asks us to follow one special rule: Believe that Jesus’ death on the cross erases our sins and gifts us with eternal life. Does that mean we can continue to sin? No, our growing knowledge of the goodness of God lessens our desire to sin. We will never be perfect, but accepting God’s perfect gift of grace is the beginning of a rich and transformational life journey.

Is this too good to be true?

It’s never good to focus on how far you were lost. Like the words of the hymn, Amazing Grace, written by a former American slave owner, we should focus on how we’ve been found. The Bible tells us that everyone who believes Jesus died for our sins is a member of the Good Shepherd’s flock. Believers are sure of their path to everlasting life. Does that mean we escape human suffering? No, but the Bible explains how God is always with us – even through times of great personal challenge – and He has a plan for us to thrive. When hardship hits, we should read our Bibles and pray for direction. 

New Beginnings is not a church of spectators. We avoid a life of carelessness and complacency. Our small, yet mighty congregation actively build one another up and serve our community and alongside our mission partners. We walk with care and we are intentional in creating positive relationships. We believe God’s church is not about the building – it’s about the people inside the building – shining in an active reflection of His light. 

Believers have been predestined by God. We have the assurance that whatever God starts in us, He will finish.

Believers have hope from God. We can bravely face trials because God is always with us.

Boldness and evangelism. We do not fear what others say about us. We seek a life that reflects Jesus Christ. And yes, we are nice to mean people! 

You can live a true Christian life. Once you are on the journey, you will notice a big change in all aspects of your life. God’s perfect promise IS true. And we delight in sharing our journey with other believers. Are you ready to live out the Gospel in your own life?

Love God. Grow Together. Serve Others.